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Guess What? SunTrust still sucks

Yes, SunTrust strikes again, I was in a retail establishment the other day only to hear the elderly lady in front of me in line having to deal with an issue with SunTrust doing her wrong. Shame on you again SunTrust!

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Suntrust Still Sucks

My husband goes into Suntrust in Hiram, GA to close our account today after all of the drama yesterday. A different lady is in the glorified secretary position today, so she asks why and he explains. Her reply, well that’s just the way we do things. They are all like robots! Somebody ask a freakin’ question and figure out what kind of f’d up company you are working for that wants to do this to people. Right is right, Wrong is wrong. It doesn’t matter if it’s your neighbor next door or a huge company. If you think the wrong they are doing is right then you are just as f’d up as they are!


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