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Shaking My Head…

Recently received a check from a still satisfied Suntrust account holder for a purchase that benefited a small child with issues. Went to the bank to cash the check as I was responsible for delivering cash to the benefit promoter, they wanted to charge a $7 fee to cash the check. I explained the circumstances of the check and the third person finally decided to waive the fee. That employee then asked me if I would like to open an account there so that I wouldn’t face this problem in the future……BIG MISTAKE!! She then opened herself up to having to listen to all the reasons why Suntrust sucks. Needless to say that I probably won’t get another fee waived at that location but I couldn’t resist speaking my piece while I had someone’s ear that might pass it along 🙂


Guess What? SunTrust still sucks

Yes, SunTrust strikes again, I was in a retail establishment the other day only to hear the elderly lady in front of me in line having to deal with an issue with SunTrust doing her wrong. Shame on you again SunTrust!

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